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With more than 6,000-based companies, Silicon Valley is one of the most dynamic areas for entrepreneurs from all over the world. However, it is sometimes difficult to settle there, as one can easily get lost in the administrative procedures (immigration, housing, etc.).

“As foreign entrepreneurs, we’re here to bring value but the challenges are huge. It is difficult feeling scrutinized each time you cross the border, it’s difficult finding housing in SF, it’s difficult knowing where to start once you get here and knowing who to connect with” – Eddie, an international entrepreneur who chose San Francisco to launch his startup, Nurx.

PARISOMA, a startup hub and CALSO, a social enterprise, both based in San Francisco, are launching Tarmac, a landing pad for those entrepreneurs who want to expand their business abroad.

In San Francisco, people are solution-oriented, open to new ideas and are excited to try something different. When you are building a startup, that is the mindset that you are looking for.”

During a period of 3 months, we provide entrepreneurs access to information about different legal immigration opportunities, and help them find housing for them and their employees.

Once landed, no panic: Tarmac guarantees entrepreneurs a privileged access to a vibrant community of entrepreneurs, an access to a dedicated co-working spaceclasses and events.

“Being at PARISOMA, surrounded by like-minded people who are willing to share and help, is of tremendous value to us. While you are here, you want to find a place that allows you to get quick access to a community of entrepreneurs. That’s where your journey will take off.”

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